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Clubhouse is growing in popularity

For a few weeks now, there has been a “new” social network that is rapidly growing in popularity: Clubhouse. The strong growth in users is remarkable, because it is another beta version of the app that is only available for the iPhone. In addition, not everyone can just use Clubhouse; you will initially be put on a waiting list or you must be lucky enough to be invited by someone you know. Despite this exclusivity, the app is currently in first place in the Dutch App Store! At TALK ABOUT we wonder how this new social network can be used for PR and communication purposes. What is Clubhouse and are there opportunities for our customers? TALK ABOUT’s Mirjam dived into the app!

What is Clubhouse and how can you use it in your communication strategy?

Clubhouse was founded in April 2020, but the app has only become really popular for a few weeks now. But what happens in that app? Clubhouse is a social media app that only uses audio. You can see it as a clubhouse with different rooms (rooms), in which each room talks about a different subject. You can enter a room and listen to the conversation or participate in it yourself. You can ask a question or respond to a comment. A kind of live podcast. Listening back is not possible, you have to be there at the moment. That also makes the conversations fleeting, certainly in contrast to other social media.

When you are registered for the app, you have to wait until you are allowed in. That went pretty quickly for me, I was in it within half an hour. Members will be notified when a friend of theirs registers and with their (very limited number of) invitations they can admit someone. What is immediately noticeable is that everyone uses their own full name (this is also encouraged when registering), which makes it feel very “real”. You talk to real people, without filters or special effects.

When you use it for the first time, you indicate which topics you are interested in. The themes you can choose from vary widely; from “sports” and “entertainment” to “world affairs” and “business”. Based on the themes you have chosen, a daily agenda with relevant rooms is displayed. You can subscribe to rooms so that you are always informed when a new conversation starts. You can also follow people you know or find interesting and activate a notification when they enter a room (this way you get to know interesting rooms again) or start a room with them.

In each room a number of people are “keynote speakers”, they initiate the conversation and determine what is to be discussed. They tell a story or argue with each other. Users in the audience can raise their digital hand to ask a question. Only then is their microphone switched on. In this way Clubhouse ensures that conversations do not get mixed up and that everyone can follow it.

The conversations in the rooms are both formal and informal. There are “lunch”, “Friday afternoon drinks” or “football canteen” rooms. It mainly revolves around the pleasant conversations. Like we used to feed it on the terrace or in the pub and now have to miss it. On the other hand, there are many rooms in which a kind of “lecture” is given about, for example, entrepreneurship, science or personal growth. An example is Kelly Weekers who talks to other entrepreneurs or Bas Smit who talks to other major influencers about the power of social media.  

But what can we do with it? After the initial meeting, I see the following opportunities for our customers: 

  • The biggest advantage of Clubhouse is that everything can be talked about and that anyone can host a room. It is a very easy way to reach your audience / potential customers and requires little organization. And you can also appeal to a specific target group with a niche topic. Certainly now that less personal contact is possible through Corona, with Clubhouse you can still come into contact with many people in an accessible way.
  • In addition, you can share your knowledge as a company with the users of the app and thus increase your brand awareness and your network. You can make your expertise known and look up interaction with your target group. By hosting a room on a weekly basis, you can even build a community. When it comes to mortgages and insurance or mental vitality, you can engage with your audience and hear directly from them what they need. This not only provides visibility, but also valuable information.
  • Many established entrepreneurs, internet personalities and celebrities have already registered for the app. A collaboration with an influencer is therefore also possible on this social medium. For example, you can ask if you can join one of their rooms as a speaker or propose to host a new room together. Because everyone is still growing on the app, there may also be opportunities for campaigns with a smaller budget.
  • Finally, there are already a number of editors of (news) media that hold an open editorial meeting at Clubhouse. So you can immediately pitch an idea or topic to them.

The question is of course whether this social network is permanent. But for now there are certainly opportunities and there is also plenty of room to try things out. Let’s talk about it!

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