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From press event to press gifts

The current corona situation we are in sometimes requires flexibility. It is difficult to plan ahead and therefore you have to be able to adapt quickly. This was also the case for our client Villeroy & Boch. For the introduction of a new label like. by Villeroy & Boch and the opening of a Pop-Up Store in Amsterdam, we devised a small-scale event. Because of the rising corona contaminations, we decided last minute to cancel the event and came up with an alternative.

New label Villeroy & Boch
Villeroy & Boch is best known to the public for its classic dinnerware collections. In order to attract a new target group, Villeroy & Boch has introduced a new label: like. by Villeroy & Boch. The label focuses on a somewhat younger target group and is more of a lifestyle brand. In addition to the various dinnerware collections, the label also has tupperware, vases and coffee mugs for on the go. To introduce the label in the Netherlands, Villeroy & Boch opened a Pop-Up Store in Amsterdam (Koningsplein 11).

Press walk-in
To spread the word about this new label and the Pop-Up Store, we came up with some fun ideas for a small-scale event. We thought about everything; from the concept to the styling to the catering. It became a press walk-in where guests could walk into the store. Here they could get inspired and receive their own To Go box. They could fill this porcelain sustainable box with healthy snacks for at home.

Target group
In line with the brand and the target audience, we invited interesting culinary and lifestyle journalists, influencers and bloggers. Think of a journalist from LINDA. meiden, Vriendin and influencers such as Thuisbijdoor and Ohmyfoodness. With a personal invitation, we enthused the invitees to drop by the Pop-Up Store.

Coming up with an alternative
The event was in the works, but with the run-up to a new press conference, we decided to cancel the event after all. A huge shame, but the wisest choice. We had to quickly adapt and find an alternative. Instead we decided to send the new To Go box to the invitees together with a personal card and the press release. We received many positive reactions as a result. Instagram stories were posted, there were requests for giveaways and it was placed in various magazines. Although the event did not go on as we had hoped, we still brought the label to the attention of the target audience in a personal way.

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