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What is PR?

Resolutions; the topic of conversation in this first week of the year. Cut back on alcohol, exercise more, eat healthier. They all come up, even in our office. But we also have some business resolutions. And one of them is: communicate even more clearly. Be clear in what you want to say and actually say it. That will prevent a lot of hassle. Another goal for this year is to share more knowledge about our interesting profession. And to combine these two resolutions in practice, in this article I will answer one of the most frequently asked questions: What is PR anyway?

A clear answer to the question: What is PR?

Last year we opened Europe’s first PR museum and in that museum we explained in great detail what PR is all about. The history was covered, the developments, the media landscape, the results, the use of modern means and channels. In short, the answer to the question above could be found there, but the fact that we could fill a museum with it shows that one short clear answer is not possible. I’ll make an attempt anyway.

What is PR?

PR is the abbreviation for Public Relations. It includes all communication with interested audiences. These can be customers, but also employees, suppliers or the press. For us, PR is the ultimate way to tell your story. Not just once, but over and over again and always a story with the same message.

Why PR?

Do you want people to talk about your brand, organization or product? Then PR is a must. The goal of PR is to build a good reputation with relevant audiences. You want your story to be heard, you want visibility for your products or brand awareness for your brand. Indirectly, all of this makes for a more successful business and more customers. This sometimes seems not quite measurable and a bit vague, but it certainly isn’t. A good reputation can make or break a business.

What is the difference between marketing and PR

Many people use the words PR and marketing interchangeably. For us, there is a difference in that. As mentioned above, PR is all about company reputation. Marketing, on the other hand, is about increasing sales. Moreover, marketers themselves tell people how good the brand or product is, and PR consultants make sure others tell people what is good about the brand or product. The latter is often done by leveraging (social) media, making the message appear more trustworthy to recipients. Of course, there is an overlap between these two disciplines. And in our view, one cannot exist without the other.

“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say your good”

PR; how then?

Many people still think of PR only in terms of press releases and contacts with journalists. But it is much more than that. PR consultants try to get your story to the attention of as many people as possible. The PR profession is old and has changed significantly in recent years. New generations take in news and information in a very different way.

As an agency, we value an integrated approach to PR issues in which paid, owned, shared and earned media come together. And where we combine different means, paid media, owned channels, social media and free publicity.

We always start by defining your message in the right way. That message remains the same but the hook or the story around it can differ for each target group. And we advise on the right angle for this. Then we start creating lots of content, telling stories and creating experiences. From articles for print media, to posts for social media, to events and campaigns.

Getting started with PR yourself?

Want to get started with PR yourself but don’t know where to start? Then we can help you and your department get started with our PR workshop. Interested? Contact us at

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