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Make things worth talking about

As a retailer or agent, you have plenty to say and, especially in this day and age, you have to say a lot. It is important to stay on your customers’ radar. You want people to keep talking about your brand, store or products. But how do you get that done? Many business owners find it difficult to tell their story or make their products visible. PR can be the key to success!

PR as the key to success!
Karen and Natasja of TALK ABOUT are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their PR agency this year. They like to explain how PR can help entrepreneurs, especially in these times. “With PR you can ensure that your organization, product or service comes to the attention of the right target group.”

Tell your story
“For us, PR is the ultimate way to tell your story. Not just once, but over and over again and always the same story. Be good and tell it. We still often see too much modesty, but you are allowed to say that your product is top notch. In fact, if you don’t, your competitor will. But you have to have a good story. Make it worth talking about! And when telling your story, an integrated approach, in which paid, owned, shared and earned media come together, is essential.”

Earned media
“It’s a thousand times better if someone else tells something about you, than if you do it yourself. When a journalist writes about your product it is more credible and therefore more powerful. But do you earn that, that someone will write about you or your collection (that’s where the term ‘earned media’ comes from)?
You can only do that if you provide relevant content. Journalists need stories. So always look for the right hook: think about what sets your brand, store or products apart from all the others. That could be a fun anecdote about you as an entrepreneur, or the history of a beautiful old storefront, or even a new product. You can send a press release or some nice images as well as a substantive article. That way you create a win-win situation: you ‘earn publicity for your brand or product and the journalist has content’.”

Owned media
By owned media we mean your own channels. Think of your website, with perhaps a blog option, or YouTube where you can post videos. But also your brochure or a branded magazine. In it you can tell exactly what you want. And don’t forget social media, because with your own Instagram account or Facebook page you can also reach a large group of people. Then you have free publicity that you control. Choose what suits you.”

“Purchasing an ad can sometimes be very useful. In it you can tell or show exactly what you want. Because with earned media, you have no control over exactly what and when the journalist will publish. Whereas with an ad or advertorial you do. This can be useful in some cases, such as a product introduction. Obviously, you want to do that at exactly the right time.”

What does PR provide?
“With PR, you can achieve several goals, but you mainly create visibility and brand awareness. Thanks to PR, you can reach more people and build a (positive) reputation. That ensures, ultimately, more customers and thus more sales.”

Another important tip? Target group thinking!
“It is important to think carefully about what your target audience is and which media to use. Do you want to reach consumers or professionals? If you target large newspapers, while you have a young digital target group, you will not get the right publicity. So as a retailer or agent, always remain critical and only choose media that suits your target audience, even if they may be smaller, niche, titles. At least then you will reach the right people.”

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