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Coffee Talk with Kyra

“Communication is everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. A broad concept that can go in all directions. After studying Journalism, I rolled into the ‘profession’. Meanwhile I am quite a few years further on and my view of communication has changed or rather clarified. As a consultant, for instance, you start looking more and more critically at the way you communicate. In conversations, on paper, online; everywhere we are talking to each other or trying to get someone’s attention. And that’s not easy given the many means of communication we have these days. I hear and see it around me every day, or perhaps I should say I don’t see and hear it at all. Are you still with me?”

I am talking mostly about sending and receiving and exactly in that order, as two linked concepts. Example? People barely talk and listen to each other anymore. We’re busy on our phones checking the latest updates on Instagram or distracted by emails coming in on our open laptop in front of us. And how well did you really read that Instagram post or email just now? Or followed the conversation with your colleague? Make no mistake, it happens to me too so I’m not tapping you on the wrist. But because of the amount of daily stimuli, information simply passes us by. While we want to be heard and seen, in whatever way.

This is how I once started making news items, background documentaries or interviews for television. A process of constantly weighing which images most appeal to the audience, which questions to ask, and then exactly what information to share. This is where I quickly learned the term “kill your darlings. Scrapping great sentences (killing darlings because they just really don’t work in your story) is also something I took with me after I made the transition from television to writing press, on and offline. I got to know and discover many industries as well as the corresponding target audiences. And that is what makes this profession so varied; there is always a way to approach a target group, through a particular communication channel, image or writing style. All to be heard or seen.

I get to put this experience to use at TALK ABOUT PR & communications since July 2022. Behind my desk but also definitely in the field, I discover so many new worlds again thanks to the different brands we represent. Together we make sure our clients stand out to the sought-after target audience and try to avoid any noise on the line. So that they are heard and seen. No day has been the same or boring so far, what is that? Thanks to my cheerful and creative colleagues and the mixture of tasks, I feel completely at home at TALK ABOUT!”

Short talk about Kyra

Favorite book is
anything by Isabel Allende

My favorite Instagram accounts are
De Correspondent and those of my friends of course

My favorite seasons are
spring and autumn, those changes sometimes really give a magical feeling during those lovely fresh mornings with sunbeams in your face

My guilty pleasure is
a delicious coffee with oat milk in a not too hot sun on a nice terrace in the city

My secret to happiness is
letting go but I’m not very good at that yet although yoga works wonders

My greatest talents are
communicating, organizing and singing out of tune

My weakness is

My big wish is
she lived happily ever after with hubby and her two kids

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