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How do you make a city stand out?

City PR is hot! With the vast array of interesting cities, it has always been important, but with restrictions on travel due to corona being lifted, it is now code ‘go’. There are plenty of plans being made for city trips, mini breaks and vacations. But how do you make sure your city gets chosen? We do it the TALK ABOUT way and show you what to think about based on our activities for Hamburg Marketing.

Check the starting point
That Hamburg should not be missing on the bucket list of travelers was of course known to us. For several years now, we have taken care of various PR activities for Hamburg Marketing in order to introduce Dutch people to Hamburg and keep them informed about this versatile city. But the range of destinations is enormous. Many people we asked which city first came to mind for a mini break answered Barcelona, London and Paris. There is some work to be done. It is important to first map out the starting points. A lot is possible with PR. At TALK ABOUT we always take a personal approach and do it together with the client or not. So a visit to the city is a must. During an introductory meeting we ask extensively, so we know among other things what the budget is, the focus and whether target groups and objectives are already known. Only in this way can we draw up a good plan of action. This does not have to be a long document; often a handy, practical document including a global planning is the perfect start to the journey.

Devise a good angle
Once you have thought about who you want to reach, it is important to determine the approach for each target group. For example, if you are going to develop a press release and content for social media, think carefully about how ‘you are going to stand out from the crowd’. Especially if your city has no world-famous buildings or lacks a clear city character. A good angle is an absolute must. What do you want to achieve? What fits with current events or current trends? Fortunately, Hamburg is so diverse that we enjoy finding the right angle. ‘As we speak’ we are also going to take care of some PR activities for The Fontenay Hotel. A beautiful gem on Lake Alster in Hamburg. This will be a nice angle for out PR activities for sure.

Maintain contact with the media
Once you’ve laid out your PR activities, it’s not sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Whether you’ve organized a press event or sent out a press release; make sure you stay in touch with your communications target groups. Because we are in regular contact with our media contacts, we know exactly what their preferred method of approach is: calling, emailing, texting or sending a LinkedIn message… we don’t shy away from it. Mind you, a good relationship is not built just like that and once it is built, it is important to maintain it.

Need help? Give us a call!
If you are planning to do city PR but have little experience or simply too little time, chances are that your PR activities will not have the desired effect. Give us a call for an informal introduction: 076 581 54 66. With our experience, knowledge of the Dutch media landscape, etc., we can certainly help you further!

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