What is PR?

Resolutions; the topic of conversation in this first week of the year. Cut back on alcohol, exercise more, eat healthier. They all come up, even in our office. But we also have some business resolutions. And one of them is: communicate even more clearly. Be clear in what you want to say and actually say it. That will prevent a lot of hassle. Another goal for this year is to share more knowledge about our interesting profession.

And to combine these two resolutions in practice, in this article I will answer one of the most frequently asked questions: What is PR anyway?

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The PESO model

You frequently hear PR specialists talk about the PESO model or parts of it such as Earned media. But what are they talking about?

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Only 179 more days until Christmas…

June 28, 2022; sunny; 26 degrees. Only 179 more days until Christmas, yet Mariah Carey was belting it out yesterday during a luncheon at the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. Extraordinary? Yes indeed! Original? Most definitely (even if I say so myself). Strange? No, not at all.

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Paul Depla opens the first PR museum in the Netherlands

Paul Depla officially opened the Netherlands’ first and only PR museum on April 20. This unique museum was a PR stunt in honor of the 10th anniversary of TALK ABOUT PR & communications. For two days, the history, development and future of PR was portrayed. With the museum, TALK ABOUT put the PR profession in the spotlight because, according to the agency’s founders, too little is known about the profession.

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From press event to press gifts

The current corona situation we are in sometimes requires flexibility. It is difficult to plan ahead and therefore you have to be able to adapt quickly. This was also the case for our client Villeroy & Boch. For the introduction of a new label like. by Villeroy & Boch and the opening of a Pop-Up Store in Amsterdam, we devised a small-scale event. Because of the rising corona contaminations, we decided last minute to cancel the event and came up with an alternative.

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Culiperslunch 2021 Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm, newcomer to the Dutch veg market and already an established name in the catering industry – is bringing fresh, affordable, plant-based meat substitutes to the supermarket with the taste, bite and juicyness of meat, starting the end of September. TALK ABOUT was asked to support the launch in supermarkets with PR activities. By using a cross-media approach (using different tools that reinforce each other) Meatless Farm comes and stays on the radar of different target groups.

The first step was taking part in the Culipers lunch on Monday, Sept. 27. An annual press event regarding food & drinks that attracts around 150 food journalists, bloggers, and influencers. A good way to reach a lot of people at once… In preparation, TALK ABOUT ‘warmed up’ its own media relations to come and taste the delicious products for themselves and additionally developed a press release for the media kit. Together with Meatless Farm we personally told visitor the story of the plant-based meat substitute. And of course, actions resulting from the event were followed up immediately.

Fortunately, we will continue our PR activities for Meatless Farm so that all flexitarians in the Netherlands will come to know that for tasty, fresh and affordable plant-based meat substitutes, they really need consider this brand. To be continued…

Make things worth talking about

As a retailer or agent, you have plenty to say and, especially in this day and age, you have to say a lot. It is important to stay on your customers’ radar. You want people to keep talking about your brand, store or products. But how do you get that done? Many business owners find it difficult to tell their story or make their products visible. PR can be the key to success!

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“What about” our cultural values!

Cultural values ​​are extremely important to an organization. They are qualities or motives that show what you stand for. They are about your right to exist, positioning and uniqueness. Good to put in time regularly. Are the cultural values ​​still alive in your organization and are the agreements you have made about this workable? TALK ABOUT recently started working with De Groeifabriek again on its own cultural values.

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High time for sustainable clothing

The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world; there are major problems with water wastage and pollution and many chemicals are used. Sustainable production is therefore really necessary. Our customer FashionPower believes that it can play an important role in this change. They develop and produce sustainable sports and outdoor clothing. The products are made from recycled polyester and natural solutions such as bamboo, coffee grounds and coconut shells are chosen to add functionalities to the clothing. The dyeing process uses the innovative dope dye technique. For Fashionpower it is clear: Feel Responsible, Act Sustainable.

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We are magazine makers!

We are magazine makers! With our passion for print, we create the most beautiful branded and customer magazines. Of course we also develop online magazines and newsletters, but print is still so incredibly valuable in the current digital age. A printed or printed magazine lasts longer and has a storage function. And besides, doesn’t a paper sheet just read, feel and smell better?

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