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Only 179 more days until Christmas…

June 28, 2022; sunny; 26 degrees. Only 179 more days until Christmas, yet Mariah Carey was belting it out yesterday during a luncheon at the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam. Extraordinary? Yes indeed! Original? Most definitely (even if I say so myself). Strange? No, not at all.

What was going on yesterday at the Vondelkerk? There were Christmas trees with lights and lots of presents underneath. There were three long tables set entirely in style for a delicious Christmas lunch where stewed pears, salmon and a tasty soup were on the menu. We organized the very first Christmas lunch of 2022 in the Netherlands for some of our clients.

Christmas items
Many of our clients sell Christmas-related items, such as tableware, ambience products for the table setting and gift items. These clients ask us how they can promote these products in the best way possible, at the right time and to the right target group. In short, they want to reach the media as effectively as possible. But how? And when?

Original and unique
We are a PR agency and obviously know which media to use to promote these products. Each brand has its own target group and we reach them through different channels, from LINDA. to Wonen Landelijk Stijl or an influencer like foodbysann. But it is important to actually attract the attention of these media, so that they start talking or writing about the brand or the products. Sometimes this will work through a mailing, a phone call or a press release, but often you have to go the extra mile. It is essential to always come up with something unique or original. There are a lot of press events in Amsterdam, so how do you stand out from the crowd and attract the right people to your event so you can tell your story?

Summer Christmas party
This time we organized a Christmas event in the middle of summer. We gathered all the Christmas products from some of our clients; Villeroy & Boch, Bredemeijer, Wesco, Leopold Vienna, Zilverstad, as well as the city of Hamburg. We looked for a prime location; the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam, and hired Mr. & Mrs. Napkin for the styling and food. In one evening we transformed the empty church next to the Vondelpark into a Christmas paradise. Three tables with their own style and atmosphere (Angels, Funky, Funky and Wonderful Christmas). Matching tableware, cutlery, glassware, candlesticks and vases. And what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? So there were also several Christmas trees, which completely matched the three different styles as well as many matching gifts. It looked picture perfect.

For the lunch we invited the right media, journalists, editors and influencers; each with their own specific areas of interest and style, but consistent with one or more of our clients. The goodie bags were filled with beautiful gifts and, of course, a press kit with all the important information and high-resolution images of the products presented. The Spotify Christmas playlist was turned on and our Christmas party could begin.
Heart of summer
And that on one of the hottest days of the year. But that’s not surprising! Because if you want the media to pay attention to a Christmas product, you want them to do so in late November or early December. At this time the magazines will publish tips for Christmas gifts, and blogs with the tastiest Christmas menus will appear online. To inspire the public. And as a brand you want to be mentioned or depicted with your product. Through our good contacts we are aware of the media planning and know that magazines, TV programs and blogs are already developing Christmas specials. They need products for this, for photo shoots, for Christmas menus, etc. So if we want to inspire those media with our clients’ beautiful Christmas products, we need to trigger them now. So that’s what we did yesterday with the very first Christmas lunch of 2022.

During the lunch we informed about the latest tableware, the Christmas markets in Hamburg and beautiful gifts for under the tree. The ladies from Mr. & Mrs. Napkin gave tips on this year’s trends. And of course we treated attendees to delicious winter dishes and drinks.

The Christmas lunch was a great success! Attendees were surprised and enthusiastic. Lots of photos were taken and posts posted (of course; that’s what journalists and influencers do ­čśë ) and the first requests to borrow products for a photo shoot have already arrived. We are very happy and satisfied, but more importantly, so are our clients!

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