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TALK ABOUT PR & communications helps create the right sound for your organization, brand or product. Together with clients, we build strong brands with a unique story. We help you tell this story through the right means and channels.

Clients appreciate our Brabant hospitality and our ‘don’t bullshit but clean up’ mentality. We prefer to look at what is possible and always act hands-on. We have guts, are enthusiastic, passionate, sincerely involved, think along and actively seek opportunities.


Meet the team


Natasja is curious, strategic, creative and has a critical eye. Curious about the customers, the people who work there and the products they make or services they provide. She investigates an issue and does not stop until she has the best solution. She surprises both customers and colleagues with her creativity. Natasja has more than 20 years of experience in the PR and Communication industry within various sectors; healthcare, education, governments and the lifestyle sector.



Karen is precise, energetic and a real regulator. She always goes for the perfect picture. She is very precise and careful.And if Karen says that she is going to arrange something, she will and not just like that. A day with Karen at the office provides enough energy for the rest of the week. She is an expert in media relations, knows what everyone is up to and does not forget a birthday. But Karen is especially good at coming up with original solutions for PR issues.



Let’s TALK ABOUT Perry. A year after her Master’s degree in Communication & Organization at Utrecht University, this enthusiastic native of Brabant has already gained a lot of experience. Because of her job at a communication agency that takes care of many interim assignments at various organizations and governments, she has broad expertise and project-based work has become second nature. Her interest in working for consumer brands and gaining more knowledge about PR brought her to TALK ABOUT.



Fijn dat Indira vanaf 28 augustus ons team komt versterken! Deze studente aan de opleiding communicatie van Avans Hogeschool Breda is ontzettend enthousiast, creatief en leergierig. Wat wil je nog meer? Door haar interesse in de online wereld gaat zij ons het aankomend half jaar tijdens haar meeloopstage sowieso ondersteunen met onze social media activiteiten. 


Let’s TALK ABOUT Ailis. Zij is misschien nog wel het beste te omschrijven als creatieve multi-tasker die graag de wereld over reist en de mooiste plaatjes vastlegt op camera. Maar ook zelf creëert dankzij haar talent voor vormgeving. Als ervaren PR & communicatiespecialist en haar artistieke blik bedenkt ze wereldse ideeën op het gebied van PR.


After studying Commercial Economics – where she discovered her passion for communication – she followed the master ‘Communication and information sciences’. This creative with perseverance is quite versatile! From setting up social media campaigns, coming up with storyboards to developing content or participating in a brand strategy; Babette doesn’t walk away for all of this. 


Our partners

TALK ABOUT works closely with carefully selected partners, with whom we have built a strong relationship. Each with their own expertise that helps us to develop the best PR strategies for our clients.