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On the go with these stylish items

January is all about good resolutions and one of those resolutions is to make healthy food and drinks at home and to take them with you more often (to work, on holiday, to the gym). In this blog, you will read about 5 must haves to carry your food and drinks with you in a stylish way and about beautiful notebooks where you can put your inspiration in.

1 healthy recipes to take with you

Are you looking for the ultimate recipe for a delicious breakfast or a fresh salad to take to work? This ‘On the go’ booklet by Rens Kroes is full of inspiring and tasty recipes. You’ll also find tips for the trendiest lunch boxes to put your sandwich in and cups to take those healthy smoothies with you. The booklet is small, so it can easily fit in your bag.

2 notebooks

Sometimes, a good idea suddenly pops up in your head and it would be a waste to forget about it later on. So it’s very useful to carry a notebook in your bag when you’re on the go. These notebooks from House Doctor together cost € 3.95.

3 trendy curver bottle

What could be more pleasant than having a hot cup of tea while waiting at the train station? With Curver’s trendy bottle you will never have to feel thirsty again when you’re on your way. The bottle keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours straight. That way, you can drink a delicious hot drink in the winter and refreshing juice in the summer.  The mint green bottle costs € 19.99 and you can buy it here!

4 music on the go

With the JBL Go speaker, you can listen to music wherever you are. The speaker is low-priced, it has good quality and it is available in 8 different colors.

5 salad in a jar

Are you planning on eating healthier in 2017? By having a salad as your lunch, you will reach your ideal weight within no time! You can easily take your salad with you by putting it in this trendy Mason Jar by Dille and Kamille, but the Jar is also perfect for a smoothie.

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