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The most beautiful porches

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that life outside the doors is over too. Even in September and October the weather can still be lovely for you to spend the day outside. For example, a porch or a roof deck is a great place to spend some quality time, with a hot drink, a good snack and a blanket to cover yourself if it does get cold. Does it get any more romantic? Or maybe you can enjoy the Sunday afternoon outside with a magazine and a cup of tea.

I’ve found some lovely roof decks for you to get your inspiration from. This first roof deck is from our colleague Natasja. It looks wonderful. The lounge and cushions make it able for you to lay back and relax. Also, the lights turn the place into a perfect romantic spot in the evening.

I came across the following porch while sightseeing at vtwonen. This beautiful porch belongs to a huge farmhouse in Friesland. The owners have personally rebuilt the entire farm. They love natural products and therefore they prefer wood over anything else. The garden also consists of homemade wooden fences and furniture. Also inside the porch it looks wonderful, with lots of light and natural materials. You can clearly see that there is a beautiful connection between the outside and the inside. 

I found this terrace roof at vtwonen do-it-yourself. The entire garden has been renovated by the vtwonen team with the help of the residents themselves. What I like about this terrace roof, is the contrast between the black painted fence, the wooden beams and the green plants. Because of the black background, the plants and beams are highlighted particularly well. Furthermore, the terrace roof has a modern look and is beautifully finished with accessories. Accessories can do a lot with a place, outside as well. A few lovely vases, many cushions and a plaid make it all complete.

This porch is has a rural style. It looks very cosy and warm. This is due to the fur on the couch and the vases and lights.

This Scandinavian styled corner also looks beautiful on a porch. Because of the light colors, it has a pretty summer look, but thanks to the blankets and pillows, it can also be used in autumn.

This really is the perfect example of spending some quality time outside in autumn. A delicious hot drink and lots of blankets.

I hope to have given you some inspiration. Sitting outside in fall season is still perfectly fine if you have the right equipment. Warm blankets, hot drinks and candles and you are all set to spend the day outside!

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