Get the mixer and dust your rolling pin, because the baking season will begin in September! In the upcoming months, we will be able to enjoy TV programs about baking and we can experiment with all kinds of cake recipes. In this blog, you can read about the latest (baking) trends, delicious recipes and stylish baking equipment that are a must in the kitchen.

This year’s trends

In the past, it was common to use a lot of sugar when baking a cake, but nowadays it is a habit to prepare something healthy with just a little bit of sugar. A snack made of dates and coconuts is an example of a healthy bite where, as the name already predicts, you only need a coconut, dates, some nuts and raw cacao.

Using different types of flour is also something that is becoming more and more popular. Think of types of flour such as oat, almond, quinoa, buckwheat or coconut flour. Do you love breakfast? Then we have some good news, because this year it is quite normal to have breakfast all day long. For example, you can still eat home-baked pancakes in the evening.

Finger-licking good!

This Banoffee cake from The Green Happiness is delicious and healthy. The combination of the bottom of the cake, the caramel filling and bananas, blueberries, chocolate and edible flowers as the topping is delicious! Banana bread is always good as a snack. No other banana bread beats this recipe from ‘Uit Paulines Keuken’, the most viewed recipe on her blog. My favorite breakfast – you can actually wake me up for this at night – is a plate with pancakes. You can easily make them with a banana, an egg and some oatmeal. Just blend and bake!

Must haves when baking

The things that should not be missing when you’re baking are a few practical tools in the kitchen. This season, the baking moulds from Circulon Ultimum are a real must have. These baking moulds make sure that the dish doesn’t stay stuck in the can and comes out of it easily. When finished baking, you can enjoy a cup of tea instead of doing the dishes, because you can safely put the baking moulds in the dishwasher!

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