Classic, colorful, trendy or very basic? Are you not quite sure yet what your Christmas table is going to look like? Get inspired by this blog. You can read great tips for a perfectly set festive table in 3 different styles. Which style suits you most: classy, trendy or casual? We’ll show you three different Christmas tables.

1 Classy with Toy’s Delight

Are you a big fan of a traditional Christmas with your family? A classy Christmas table with nostalgic Christmas colors (white, green and red) and many small Christmas decorations might be something for you then. The Villeroy & Boch Toy’s Delight tableware, in combination with the Nothing Hill cutlery, creates a welcoming Christmas vibe on the table.

2 Trendy chic with Quinsai Garden

Do you rather prefer a rich, luxurious Christmas table? The soft, exotic flowers on the plates of the Quinsai Garden tableware add a modern touch. In combination with dark colors, the tableware creates a beautiful festive look. With golden accents like the cutlery from the Ella collection, the total picture will be complete.

3 Casual Casale Blu

Would you rather enjoy the Christmas days in a relaxed and fresh way? The tableware with blue accents and graphic decoration of the Casale Blu collection creates a Scandinavian vibe at the table. Give your table a finishing touch with the cutlery series Play! White Pearl.

We can’t wait until it’s Christmas so we can dine at our perfectly set tables. Let it be Christmas time!