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Press event 2018

On Thursday March 22, we organized the TALK ABOUT EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam. A press event where we presented the latest products of different customers and brands. Experience was the key of the event. The sensibilities of our media relations, who are already used to some things of course, had to be stimulated very well!

To be noticed with a press event among influential lifestyle bloggers, flyers, stylists and journalists, you need to have a good concept and details, in our opinion. The TALK ABOUT EXPERIENCE concept allowed visitors to see the latest trends and to feel, taste and smell the products in specially designed stylish rooms.

Together with a ‘Stand-arts’ decorator, the Sarphaat studio was transformed a day before the event into a living-, sleeping-, bath-, dining room and kitchen. Each stylish room had its own signature, such as Romantic in the bedroom and Industrial Enrichment in the living.

On the day of the event, each guest received a warm welcome to our temporary home and bubbles in the shape of DODO from ZADI Drinks. This premix will be the summer hit and could be tasted at our event for the first time. Afterwards, everyone could make their own EXPERIENCE…. a personal tour or experience the products themselves. Visiting the whole house or only relevant rooms.

A wide range of participants – Amazona, AP Bloem, B-bag, Bredemeijer, Creative Lab Amsterdam, DesignTiles, Esteban, ForboFlooring, House in Style, Jaga, Jamie Oliver, Leopold Vienna, Qeeboo, Royal VKB, Soda Stream, Solis, Villeroy & Boch, Wesco, ZADI Drinks, Zilverstad – showed their products in the areas of interior, kitchen, kids and beauty.

Just like in many houses, the kitchen table was also the centre of this house. In between the beautiful tableware of Villeroy & Boch and the floral artworks of AP Bloem, there were delicious sweets with a Brabant twist. And Solis barista, Sander Blokhuis, made and served delicious fresh coffee and tea.

On the event, we immediately received enthusiastic reactions. Even the products were taken away for a photo shoot.

At the end of this beautiful day, everyone received a filled goodie bag, taking alot of inspiration home. They also received the press kit with all the information and high resolution images online.

Isa Music & Media made this after movie, so everyone can experience TALK ABOUT EXPERIENCE themselves!

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