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We are magazine makers!

We are magazine makers! With our passion for print, we create the most beautiful branded and customer magazines. Of course we also develop online magazines and newsletters, but print is still so incredibly valuable in the current digital age. A printed or printed magazine lasts longer and has a storage function. And besides, doesn’t a paper sheet just read, feel and smell better?

Why a magazine?

With a branded magazine you can create a connection between your target group and your organization. It can be used for various purposes. An internal magazine for more solidarity among your employees, a magazine for customer loyalty or for generating new leads. It shows that you are an authority and have knowledge of your trade. At the same time, you can highlight the latest products or services. For example, twice a year we make a magazine for the members of the BIG (pipe industry) to inform them about developments in the industry. While we make an annual magazine for Jaga for its customers and important trade media containing relevant topics and product news.

On the coffee table

Another advantage of a magazine is that it has a storage function. It is something tangible that you can easily show or take with others. With the right look & feel, such as a beautiful cover or special type of paper, it ends up on a desk or (coffee) table. That in turn contributes to your brand awareness.


There is a lot to consider when creating a magazine. At TALK ABOUT we are happy to help you from A to Z. From concept and text production to photography and design. We can take care of everything for you, but also take care of a specific part. A communication tool is only really effective if it is used for the right purpose. That is why we will always ask about what you want to achieve with the magazine, what you want to say, what your goal is and who your target groups are. We draw up a plan containing not only the goal and the target group, but also the tone of voice, the structure, hours indication, planning, additional costs, themes and possibly sections. In addition, careful thought must be given to the design, what the cover will look like, but also the color scheme and fonts.

Editorial schedule

An important part of the preparation is the editorial schedule. In an editorial chart you briefly indicate per page what it is about and you show what kind of image (s) belong to it. This way you can organize the magazine and create a certain atmosphere. You can also add rubrics. Is everything on paper? Then it is time to start with text production, photography and then design.

Content creation

A magazine fits nicely into your communication mix. It is an important means that can be used to reach the right target group. An additional advantage is that you have to create a lot of content. You can reuse that content on your website or on social media. This way you continue to draw attention to the subject and you remain visible to your audience. A magazine is also a great way to give to visitors for trade fairs. Do you need help developing a magazine or do you want to know if this tool is for you? Then contact us.

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