Cultural values ​​are extremely important to an organization. They are qualities or motives that show what you stand for. They are about your right to exist, positioning and uniqueness. Good to put in time regularly. Are the cultural values ​​still alive in your organization and are the agreements you have made about this workable? TALK ABOUT recently started working with De Groeifabriek again on its own cultural values.

In an online (as a result of the partial lockdown) session we mapped out what our cultural values ​​mean in practice for each individual. These values ​​- together, passionate, clear and decisive – are of course discussed when you come to work at TALK ABOUT and in an internal presentation, but how does it live in practice in the team, what does anyone understand by it? Ultimately, in this session, we determined the rules of the game, or cooperation agreements.

This automatically creates more support and, above all, that everyone sticks to the agreements, because we have drawn them up ourselves. Very valuable to do this together with the whole team. And it is nice to have translated our cultural values ​​into concrete behavioral changes that can demonstrably yield results in the future. A very valuable session that was managed by De Groeifabriek!

The nice thing is that two colleagues will design the top 3 work agreements per cultural value in a fun way. So that we are certainly also actively involved in our daily work and hopefully get a lot of energy from it!