The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world; there are major problems with water wastage and pollution and many chemicals are used. Sustainable production is therefore really necessary. Our customer FashionPower believes that it can play an important role in this change. They develop and produce sustainable sports and outdoor clothing. The products are made from recycled polyester and natural solutions such as bamboo, coffee grounds and coconut shells are chosen to add functionalities to the clothing. The dyeing process uses the innovative dope dye technique. For Fashionpower it is clear: Feel Responsible, Act Sustainable.

In addition to the innovative and sustainable way of producing, the company is also innovative with clothing for specific target groups, such as Plus Size clothing. They think it is important that everyone can move comfortably and nicely. The functionalities of the clothing are also important; the material reduces unpleasant odors, keeps it dry and stimulates sweat removal and dries 200 times faster than cotton.

FashionPower has asked TALK ABOUT if we can help share this beautiful sustainable story. Of course we like to do that, not only from a sustainable point of view, but also because we are fashion and sports enthusiasts. We are therefore proud of this great customer. We are currently working on a press lobby to draw attention to this topic. We have developed a press release and sent it to the relevant media, such as the trade and day media in the field of fashion, retail and business. The next step is to spread this story more widely and create awareness that the clothing industry still needs to take many steps towards sustainability. FashionPower has summarized their sustainable story in a beautiful video. Watch the video below: