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VT Wonen & design fair

Curious of what trends we have spotted this year at the vtwonen & design fair? You can read it here. It was such a pleasure to see the new collections of all brands again. We got inspired by several lectures and presentations of products in the stands, so we are fully informed.

Do you want to get inspired too? That is possible until Sunday 8 October. Don’t forget to bring your debit card, because you can buy new home accessories right away in the special shopping hall.

Trend: sustainable & luxurious

According to trend watcher Gaby van Gestel, we are rebuilding from the base. The interior can be given a more luxurious look and much is being combined with the sustainable character of products. For example, many flowers and different colours are used. The transparent natural stone onyx also gives the interior an innovative, luxurious look and offers many possibilities. Another material that is being used more and more is steel. Not only as a frame but also for artistic forms in the interior. Karwei shows us how we can combine steel and wood to create a warm look.

Gaby told us about designers who design new pieces of furniture using earthy materials. To prevent food waste, for example, we designed a chair made of fruit leather. And Sebastian Cox lamps are made of Mycelium, a mushroom fungus. Even in the bedroom sustainability returns. Coco-mat has designed a 100% natural mattress. This felt amaaazing!

Trend: into the woods

It’s all about green (as in plants)! All of this green is being given more room to grow and that fits well with the trend: sustainable & luxurious.

Trend: live colorfully

Color on the walls, tiles and furniture… live colorfully is the new slogan. Flower prints and color blocking are the ultimate trend to express your creativity. The colour green in combination with hard wood is trendy and we notice it everywhere. Next year, you also won’t be able to ignore the atmospheric color pink. Another beautiful colour for the expected colour trend are purple shades. As a contrast to these soft colours, we have also seen deep, greyish shades such as Raven black, a beautiful matt black color. At the Creative lab Amsterdam stand, we saw the perfect combination of all these (color) trends.

Trend: tech-not

Another development is the so-called tech-not trend; technology intertwined with interior. We hardly see any large technical equipment in our houses anymore. Everything is hidden and processed into products. For example, the lamps in the cabinets are processed in the bathrooms of Villeroy & Boch. Besides the stands of various brands, several magazines presented themselves in their own ‘home’. Of course, these homes have been styled according to the latest trends. For instance, Ariadne at Home creates a wonderfully relaxed and safe atmosphere using pink shades. In the living room of vtwonen, we saw the come back of the wood and steel trends, while Studio Job in Eigen Huis & Interieur uses a lot of color blocking.

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