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Ambiente 2018

The trend analysers of stilbürobora herke.palmisano have observed and developed these trends (modest regenerations, colourful intentions, oppulent narrations and technological emotions) for the Ambiente.

1. Modest regenerations

Timeless, personal, modest, original and craftmanship. These words match this trend, as do the materials wood, stone, concrete, tiles, steel, linen and wool. ‘Modest regenerations’ could also be described as ‘permanent products that become more beautiful over time’. The handwoven steel wire baskets of the Swedish brand Korbo that we discovered – and which we immediately became fans of – belong to this trend. But also the new matte garbage bins from Wesco, the wooden shelves from Teakhaus and the sustainable concrete products from LIKEconcrete are part of ‘modest regenerations’.

2. Colourful intentions

Many stands include lots of colors. And that’s completely in line with the ‘colourful intentions’ trend. Bright colours and patterns describe this trend and turn normal everyday objects into attractive products. We spot Belightful (an innovative oasis for butterflies) in the colors pink/yellow/lilac, colorful patterns on the coasters of Images d’Orient and beautiful designs on the latest tableware from Villeroy & Boch.

3. Oppulent narrations

Luxurious materials and magnificent details complete this individual picturesque look. Eclectic, rich and extravagant are words that express ‘oppulent narrations’ perfectly. We were not able to visit all 11 halls on the fair (this would be a total of 54 football fields…) and that’s why we probably didn’t see this trend as much as the others. We did spot the designs of the new collection of cards and wallpaper from Creative Lab Amsterdam and the Malindi crockery, and they are absolutely ‘oppulent narrations’.

4. Technological emotions

Iriscent colors are the trend of 2018 and come back in this trend. ‘Technological emotions products’ also show that materials are mixed: paper and linen, metal and glass, wood and metal. Bredemeijer’s Manto and the cutlery by Bugatti are examples of the ‘mixing’ of materials. Soft textile structures and innovative visual features are also part of this trend.

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