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Whitewash productintroduction


We all know that laughing is healthy. But then you do want to be able to show a beautiful smile. WhiteWash develops products for a white and healthy smile such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and whitening strips.


  • The Instagram @whitewashnano has 47% more followers
  • Collaborated with 7 influencers with a range of 74,300
  • Total range of 86,120 followers
  • 3450 likes and 186 reactions
  • 30 people were activated to join #wieschenkjijjemooisteglach
  • 41 instagram posts and 3 insta-stories
  • 1 Whitewashnano post sponsored; 106 likes, 5804 times viewed and 5765 people reached.

WhiteWash wanted to introduce a new collection, the Nano Range. Because of ‘World Smile Day’ on 6 October, TALK ABOUT thought it would be nice to anticipate on this day. After all, the Nano Range makes sure you get a beautiful smile. That’s why we launched the PR-action: To whom do you give your best smile? Anyone can join by posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #wieschenkjijjemooisteglach (#towhomdoyougiveyourbestsmile). The best posts win a package with the Nano Range products from WhiteWash. We also approached influencers and asked them to do the same.


Quickly generating a lot of exposure among a large audience (media + consumers), partly thanks to ‘World Smile Day’.

Approach: prepare a PR-action document.

Creating an Instagram account for WhiteWash Netherlands.
Writing a press flash for the media about the PR-action.
Approaching social influencers to participate in the PR-action.
They will receive a toothbrush and toothpaste from WhiteWash and will have to post a photo on their Instagram. They will mention to whom they would give their best smile and use the hashtag #wieschenkjijjemooisteglach.

They call on their followers to do the same and are allowed to give away 3 packages of WhiteWash.
TALK ABOUT is responsible for monitoring and managing the social media posts.



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