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Yesqar is the smart car financier. It is an initiative of NIBC Bank and data technology company QarQuest. The company supports automotive companies with smart financial solutions. With the unique combination of financial expertise, the power of data and the knowledge of the automotive market, it is possible to facilitate customers better, faster and more accurately. This gives car companies more room to do business and to facilitate the transition of the sector.


Yesqar has managed to put itself in the spotlight with potential customers in an original way. In addition, due to various reactions, yesqar is also in direct contact with a number of people from the target group.

Since September 1, the Netherlands has a new fintech startup richer; jaqar. Yesqar offers smart and appropriate financial solutions for the automotive sector. With an exclusive focus on car stocks and financing of car lease portfolios, the ambition is to conquer a solid place in the Dutch market in a short time. TALK ABOUT supports them with various communication and PR activities. In order to come into direct contact with about 30, the company wanted to give a playful and original gift.


The main objective for yesqar is to draw the attention of potential customers in a surprising way by means of a gift. This mainly concerns CFOs and owners of car companies. They need to know what yesqar does and can do for them.


There are many possibilities for a promotional gift. TALK ABOUT has reduced this by setting the starting points in a briefing document. It is important, for example, that the gift appeals to the target group, can achieve the goal, fits well with the core values ​​and the identity of the company. Yesqar is the new, smart car financier in the Netherlands and together, smart and transparent are of paramount importance.

Subsequently, an internal team was formed for a brainstorming session with the briefing document as a starting point. From this, four ideas were selected that TALK ABOUT presented to the customer. Ultimately, the award winning premium bottle of olive oil from ‘Casa Astrid’ was chosen.

The oil symbolizes the oil that is still used as fuel in many cars. It also symbolizes the oil that can slowly start flowing again at the car dealers because the showrooms – at the time of receipt of the gift – are partially open after a lockdown. The sleek and sturdy look & feel of the bottle and packaging also suited the target group well.

In order to properly tell the story of yesqar and to place a call to action, TALK ABOUT advised to develop a map.

TALK ABOUT signed for the concept and copy: “Together a well-oiled machine”. The slogan fits the olive oil, the car industry and the identity of yesqar. Based on this concept, the card was designed in the yesqar corporate style and the text was developed.

TALK ABOUT also took care of all traffic/handling, such as selecting and ordering the olive oil and preparing and sending the packages.


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