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Vegetable tastes so good


With its products, Alpro wants to inspire people to choose plant-based food and drinks more often. A more plant-based lifestyle is better in every way: for the planet and for our health. The range of, among other things, drinks, desserts and vegetable variations on quark is wide.


In addition to 4 Insta posts (total 2,050 likes), 28 stories were posted by 18 influencers about High Protein. There has been more exposure for this new series, such as various online and offline articles in, for example, a special by Margriet. The recipe book has also been used by Alpro for Health Care Professionals.

Exposure exploded for the Creamy drinks. Attention was paid in magazines, online and on social media.

As Alpro’s PR agency, TALK ABOUT regularly organizes product introductions. Such as for the new products in the High Protein Range (end of 2019) and for the Creamy Drinks (2020). An important part of the introductions was the seeding kit: a theme package for online and offline media including the new products. This allowed the recipient to experience for themselves how delicious vegetable tastes! For the product introduction of the High Protein Range, we provided the seeding kit from A to Z. From the design, the content (including recipe booklet) to the selection of media, the refrigerated transport and the planning thereof. We collaborated with Tasty Lemon for the seeding kit of the Creamy Drinks. They developed and delivered the kit, TALK ABOUT maintained contact with the media and provided the content for the press leaflet.


The main objective for Alpro product introductions is to inform the communication target groups (media) so that free publicity is generated. For the PR target groups (consumers and professionals) that means knowing “what’s for sale”! The High Protein Range project involved the High Protein soy drink and Go On Vanilla and for the Creamy drinks the Creamy Coconut Drink and Creamy Almond Drink.


In order to draw attention to the new products, a cross-media approach was chosen for both projects. With a press lobby with the use of various means. Because each introduction had a specific target group – health and sport for High Protein Range and foodies and flexitarians for Creamy Drinks – different media relations had to be sought.

Seeding kit

The basis of the press lobby was the seeding kit both times. It is a good way to use key media – a selection of the most relevant media of the respective product based on for example niche, reach or interest – to let the product experience and inspire itself. Experience has taught us that the use of this means can create good exposure, because the recipient immediately places a story or post when the seeding kit arrives or the product is used. In addition, it is often also a reason to include the product in an article or shopping page.

For the seeding kit of the High Protein Range, we made the recipe booklet “Start with plant power”. In addition to information about the usefulness and benefits of vegetable proteins, for example during exercise, it also contained a few recipes. A “share your experience” card in the kit was meant to make it even easier to post a message on social media.

The Creamy Drinks package included a handy recipe card and press information. Tasty Lemon developed the design, took care of the printing and the text production of the card. In addition, they were responsible for the transport and logistics, which, just as with the High Protein Range, had to be refrigerated, due to the shelf life of the products.

Relation management

TALK ABOUT handled media selection and kit planning for both product introductions. We have a large network of media relations and believe that a personal approach is important. This means a lot of mail correspondence and making phone calls to increase the chance of free publicity of the kit. At the High Protein Range we have also developed a triggering card to make media relations curious about the new products and to sign up for an introduction. For both introductions, we deliberately opted for a mix of media, including print media, online media and influencers, in order to gain the widest possible exposure.

Press release

To reinforce the story of the new products and to reach a wider audience of media, TALK ABOUT has also developed a press release for both product introductions. These have been sent to relevant online and offline media relations via our media database.

Stay in touch

A good press lobby is never possible without the personal contact of a number of media! By calling, emailing or visiting editorial offices you increase the chance of free publicity and it is the best way to get a feel for how the product is handled.

In addition to free publicity, Alpro has also opted to use paid exposure through out-of-home advertising and TV commercials to support product introductions.


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