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Unique look behind the scenes at JAGA


Jaga has been supplying indoor climate concepts all over the world for more than 50 years. The company is fully committed to innovative sustainable developments when it comes to cooling, heating and ventilating buildings and homes. Jaga employees are real Climate Designers; they feel the urgency to develop products that not only benefit the indoor climate, but also the outdoor climate.


Jaga's objective was to bring the new vision and positioning to the attention of the media. As a result of the press event, seven substantive articles were published about Jaga's vision and story. These articles have appeared both online and in print, such as on, in Installateurszaken, Bouwtotaal, Installatie & Sanitair and on Even well after the event, various requests were received, resulting in a number of articles. Moreover, the event was very good to see and speak to our media relations again in life and to be able to map out what the needs are.

Jaga has been developing innovative products, technologies and systems for heating, cooling and ventilation for more than 50 years. The goal is to create a healthy indoor climate, without harming the outdoor climate. Since 2018, the brand has a renewed positioning and corporate identity. The vision is even better designed and that must be shared. That is why we organized an exclusive press event together with Jaga for a number of Dutch trade journalists to tell and show the unique story.


Jaga’s communication objective for 2019 and 2020 is to bring the new positioning and vision to the attention of the media. By organizing a press event in the Jaga factory (Diepenbeek, Belgium), the journalists can see with their own eyes how the products are produced and the story can be told. In addition, it is very good to be aware of the needs of the target group (the press) and to strengthen contacts again. Personal contact is an important value of TALK ABOUT.


Organizing a press event seems simple, but requires good preparation. Editors are shrinking and there is often little time to participate in these types of events. The event also takes place in Belgium, which means that the journalists have to travel a lot. That is why it was decided to invite a very select group of trade journalists, for which the story and products of Jaga are relevant. The media relations received a Save the Date and then a personal invitation by post with the latest magazine from Jaga. Everyone was called afterwards to clarify the relevance. Due to this intensive approach, a suitable group took part in the press event that had intrinsic interest. TALK ABOUT was of course also present to support and speak to the media. An important part of PR is lobbying and building a relationship with the media. A press event is a good way to work on this.

An interesting program was drawn up to make participation as attractive as possible. The participants were given a unique look behind the scenes of the factory, sales director Bert Kriekels spoke about the latest developments in the industry and CEO Jan Kriekels spoke passionately about Jaga’s vision. There was plenty of room for interaction throughout the program. Naturally, a Belgian lunch and a snack and a drink were also provided.

All those present went home with a useful goodie bag, including the press kit with the latest press releases and unique images from the factory and the latest products. After the event we wrote a report about what was discussed. We sent these personally to those present and to some journalists who were unable to attend, but who did want to receive the information.


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