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#Rabbit share


E-Brands+ is an agent who mainly works for (international) design brands. They also work for Qeeboo, which is an Italian brand of designer Stefano Giovannoni. The brand was first introduced at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan.


  • The results were monitored within 7 weeks:
  • About 30 posts with 7 different relevant bloggers and Instagrammers.
  • About 3000 likes and 215 comments.
  • 5 unique blogs
  • 5 facebook posts by the influencers.
  • Picked up by regional newspapers and Italy Magazine.
  • There was also a good result for TALK ABOUT; an honourable mention in the category ‘interactive, digital & social media’ of the Communication Award Brabant.

E-BRANDS+ wanted to conquer the Netherlands with the Rabbit Chair from Qeeboo. The Rabbit Chair is a plastic rabbit that can be used as a piece of furniture, a play mate and a decorative object in different places. The product had to provide experience for the customer. However, there was very small budget. It was TALK ABOUT’s job to introduce the Rabbit Chair to consumers through free publicity by running a social media campaign #rabbitshare and a press lobby among traditional media to support them. We intentionally chose for a small social media campaign via Instagram. That way, we could reach the target groups (mothers and interior lovers) successfully.


With the social media campaign we wanted to create an open experience for the Qeeboo brand. We presented the Rabbit Chair as a must-have for the interior of young families. Something unique that everyone can make their own personal story from. Emotion and experience are important and that is why we used a so-called ‘guest rabbit’.


  • Creating brand awareness and experience among target group mothers and interior lovers.
  • Telling the story of Qeeboo in a convincing way and creating interaction between audience groups and the brand.
  • Emphasising the social character (sharing the Rabbit Chair) which would lead to the feeling of ‘wanting to join’.

What exactly did we do for this campaign?

We proposed a PR-document with the principles and concept for the campaign. We sent the ‘Rabbit Chair’ to a social influencer. The rabbit had a ticket to his ear with #rabbitshare written on and the question if he could stay for the night. The day before, we sent an e-mail to the influencer with the explanation of the campaign. The social influencer kept us up to date by posting pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #rabbitshare. The influencer was free in deciding what to do with the rabbit. The social influencer was allowed to send the ‘guest rabbit’ to another influencer after a week, so the journey would continue, as some kind of chain carrier. We were responsible for managing and monitoring all social media posts. This way, we could see where the ‘guest rabbit’ was staying and what was happening. We took care of forwarding the posts, commenting and liking the posts of the influencers.

To support the social media campaign, TALK ABOUT also developed two press releases. These messages were given more exposure by using press lobby.


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