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Inspirational magazine


The Bredemeijer Group is an original Dutch company with three brands in its portfolio: Bredemeijer, Leopold Vienna and Zilverstad. Bredemeijer is market leader in the field of high-quality double-walled teapots. Zilverstad is known for its silver plated interior products and Leopold Vienna has accessories in the field of coffee, tea, wine and bar.



  • The inspiration magazine was ready in time
  • The magazine was received very well by the Bredemeijer Group, but also by customers in the Netherlands, Germany and England.

The Bredemeijer Group wanted to create a marketing/sales magazine for retailers to present the collections of the three brands Bredemeijer, Leopold Vienna and Zilverstad to retailers, in a modern and clear way. TALK ABOUT was asked to take over the entire coordination, content production and design of the magazine, including the realization of the photo shoot. The condition was that the magazine would be finished within 1.5 months.


  • Creating more unity in the expressions of the three brands of the Bredemeijer Group.
  • Showing retailers through magazine how the brands can reinforce each other.
  • Writing inspiring texts for the magazine.
  • Creating and processing mood and inspiration images.
  • Deliver the magazine within a limited period of time (1.5 months).
  • German and English version.


Given the time pressure, we developed a very strict schedule in order to meet the deadline. First, we developed a concept with 3 main themes for the magazine. After that, we initiated a photo shoot. The photos would be used as the main images for the themes. In a single day, we had an experienced photographer and a stylist make three very different theme images. We arranged the location (one with a lot of furniture and interior accessories). We made a clear briefing for the photographer and the interior stylist and directed during the shooting day. We also created the content for the other pages in the magazine about relevant themes such as tea, wine and interior trends. Given the deadline, the visual design started parallel, so that the grid would be ready when the images and texts were approved. This stimulated the rapid development.



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