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Drink me Chai


Drink Me Chai is a product of Foodkitchen. Foodkitchen is the exclusive importer of a couple of brands in the Netherlands, such as Choc-o-lait, Cape Herb, Drink Me Chai and Rawbite. Foodkitchen also sells a wide range of BBQ products from its own brand Not Just BBQ, chocolate, biscuits, syrups and other specialties, all of them looking like gifts!


  • Lots of free publicity in various media, such as
  • Foodinista: shopping on the website and post Facebook.
  • Foodness: post on Instagram.
  • Daily Cappuccino: review article on the website and Facebook post.
  • Eef Kookt zo: give away on blog and Facebook.
  • Margiet Winter Festival (previously Fair): article on the website and present at the fair (Nov. 2015) with specially designed Drink Me Chai bus.

Drink Me Chai is known as the creator of the best ‘instant Chai’ and is the market leader in England. In the Netherlands, Foodkitchen is the exclusive importer and supplier of this brand. Drink me Chai eventually wants to become the number 1 ‘instant Chai brand’. TALK ABOUT supports Foodkitchen with a product introduction of 3 months in which we introduce the Drink me Chai to the Dutch consumer through various online and offline media contacts.


  • Introduction of a new drink in the Netherlands: Chai Latte.
  • To convince Dutch consumers that the Chai Latte of ‘Drink Me Chai’ is the best drink to have. It is delicious and easy to prepare.
  • Informing the Dutch consumer that Drink Me Chai is simply available at the supermarket.


We created a PR-document in which we described the principles very clearly, including the campaign concept. Because of the fact that there were not many nice mood images available, we developed suitable images for various communication expressions ourselves, in cooperation with the client. We prepared media lists and mentioned both online and offline key media. After this, we sent out the press release. In this case, it was important for influential people to taste the drink themselves, that is why we organized a sampling process. We designed a stylish postcard, selected relevant media and arranged traffic and handling of the cards and samples. Of course we took care of a good follow up. After all of this, our regular press lobby began.



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