ZADI | Freshly a little bit mischievous, but very spicy

The fresh taste of tangerine, the fire of pepper and the sharp twist of ginger make you think of sunny Italy on a Dutch balcony this summer. ZADI drinks is going to release a new limited edition pre-mix, called Dodo, after the very successful Hugo l’originale. The combination of the different ingredients, which are now an essential part of the kitchen, provide a true blast of taste. That makes you pretty curious, right?

Spicy bubbles

Dodo is the nickname of Edoardo Ferraris. Together with Stefan ZAnotti and Thomas DIvina, he created this cocktail at a bar on Lake Garda. With Dodo, you discover a whole new taste experience, because the summer drink consists of tangerine, the freshness of lemon, an infusion of ginger, basil and a touch of chili pepper. This low alcoholic (5.9%) sparkling wine cocktail contains no e-numbers or flavour enhancers and is made from a mixture of spumante and sparkling water. Only top quality products are used for production.

Cin Cin

The idea behind the pre-mix is that the taste and quality of the cocktail are always consistent, both at home and in the hospitality industry. This way, you will feel as if you are in sunny Italy – in a bar on Lake Garda or on the balcony on the beautiful Italian Riviera. The sharp drink will soon be one of your favourites when it comes to your choice of aperitif. Did you know that an aperitif is consumed to stimulate your digestion? Of course, the combination of red pepper and ginger only stimulates this even more. CIN CIN!

Limited edition, €9,95 consumer recommended retail price, see for more information.

Let’s do the Dodo 100% naturally and made in Italy.

Serve Dodo with lots of ice cream, basil leaves, chilli pepper and mandarin.

Each year, a summer cocktail is voted as summer drink of the year. As far as we are concerned, Dodo is certainly a competitor!

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