Villeroy & boch | bathroom trends and -collections 2018

2018 is for Villeroy & Boch the year of brand new premium bathroom collections and various material and toilet innovations. We’d love to inspire you!

Premium collections Antheus and Finion

One of the most important features of the Finion collection designed by the designer Patrick Frey: there is plenty to choose from. The furniture is available in several colours and layouts, which can be combined. The freestanding bath (Quaryl®) is the eyecatcher, which can be finished with a design ring in chrome, champagne or gold.

Premium bathroom collection Antheus

Premium bathroom collection Antheus (designer: Christian Haas) stands for timeless allure and good taste. The materials marble, polished stainless steel, TitanCeram and wood reflect the style classics of modern times. The design visual style is sleek and modern, inspired by the Bauhaus design. A new bathroom classic has been created!

A shower toilet that can be admired: ViClean-I 100

Shower toilets are becoming increasingly popular due to their hygienic advantages. But the toilets are often large and the technology is clearly visible. The technology of the new ViClean-I 100 is included in the ceramic, which makes this shower toilet look like an ordinary toilet. This is unique. The ViClean-I 100 has a minimalist look, convenient shower functions and is constructed from the best materials: ceramic for the toilet, robust Duroplast for the seat and a Quaryl® sprinkler. The ViClean-I 100 shower toilet is available in August.

TitanGlaze Stone White: matt and intense white finish

A matt look is a trend that is also popular in the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch presents TitanGlaze: a matt top layer that gives the ceramic a luxurious, soft look. The top layer is anti-scratch and impact-resistant. TitanGlaze can be used within collections Artis, Memento 2.0, Finion, Antheus and Venticello. The first colour in the TitanGlaze range is the modern Stone White: an intense white colour that clearly separates itself from existing white tones and replaces the earlier Edelweiss. The colour matches perfectly with shower floors (such as Squaro Infinity) and baths in the same bright white colour. Several toilets are already made of Stone White, such as the Avento toilet.

Ultra-flat shower floors

The Villeroy & Boch design shower floors meet the highest non-slip standards, they are are ultra-flat, easy to clean and can be matched to the colours and materials in the bathroom. That means taking a comfortable, safe and hygienic shower. The ‘Squaro Infinity’ (Quaryl®) shower floor feels warm around the feet and can be made to measure exactly. The standard size 120 cm x 120 cm is new. The ceramic Subway Infinity shower floor has a tile design thanks to a special printing technique: ViPrint. Six prints come from the case of the Dutch designer Edward van Vliet.
Six prints come from the case of Dutch designer Edward van Vliet.

Quaryl: made in Holland

Quaryl is a material developed by Villeroy & boch that has been produced for many years in Roden, Drenthe. The material unites the features of quartz crystal (strength) and acrylic resin (heat insulating and impact – and scratch resistant).

Oberon 2.0

With its accurate lines and the characteristic combination of rectangular and oval shapes, the baths from the Oberon collection are true design classics. This year, the collection will be expanded with three new models made of Quaryl®: Oberon 2.0. The new line includes a back-to-wall model. The baths are also available with a centralized positioned drain, which makes a ‘bath moment for two’ a lot more comfortable.

ViConnect: the details must also be right

The toilet operating plates from the ViConnect line can be perfectly matched with the look and feel of the toilet area due to the many variations in design, colour and lighting effects. For the new line, the focus has especially been on water saving and an even easier and faster installation method.

Special moment for Memento

This year, Villeroy & Boch is releasing its best-selling wash basin ‘Memento’ in a TitanCeram version. The features of this innovative material make Memento’s sophisticated and sleek style even more evident in the new Memento 2.0 collection.



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