Amazona | Colour trend ‘New African’

The ‘New African’ interior trend is an answer to our need for simplicity, peace and nature. Indispensable within this trend are soft earth and nude shades. With the colours Mocca, Chocolat Chaud, Skin and Marrakesh from Amazona chalk paint, you can easily apply this trend in your own interior.

Nowadays in our modern busy lifestyles, we are constantly looking for peace and associations with old, familiar traditions. We translate this into the interior, for instance with the use of colour. The palette that fits within the ‘New African’ trend, includes a variety of colour combinations, which create a feel-good effect together: warm colours and soft ‘ton sur ton’ combinations with a tough twist. New African complements Amazona’s beliefs perfectly. The paint is 100% natural and the colour palette is soft and warm. Be inspired by Amazona’s interpretation of New African:


The ‘secret’ of Amazona
The mineral base in combination with the natural pigments form the ‘secret’ of Amazona chalk paint and makes it the only 100% biodegradable chalk paint in the Netherlands. The matt paint is suitable for interior walls and furniture and gives a stylish, quiet appearance. It gives coverage, it is free of toxic substances, it is anti-allergic, breathable and can be washed away.



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