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New Danish interior brand surprises with beautiful collection

WOUD Design, a fresh new design brand, conceived and run by a dynamic duo from Denmark conquered our country. You may have seen some designs at international fairs or in international magazines, but the furniture and home accessories of this Scandinavian brand are now also available in Belgium and the Netherlands. WOUD Design offers the world of home-living a new perspective on the Scandinavian lifestyle. Still functional but with a touch of innovation.

Design by different designers
By working together with (emerging) designers from different countries, WOUD Design creates a unique and wide collection of furniture, home accessories and textiles. The collections are all given the recognizable Scandinavian look & feel, so that the colors and shapes could be combined stylishly. But WOUD Design offers us something slightly different than the already existing Scandinavian brands. As a result, the collections of WOUD Design are beautifully set in different interiors, from modern homes to old mansions. The brand has dining tables, sofas, side tables, lamps, cabinets, cushions and much more.

Sustainable collection
This year, the furniture and accessories collection of WOUD Design has been expanded with a cushion collection. The cushions have a classic weaving pattern and to give it a unique touch, the zipper is visible and strikingly coloured. The collection is, just like the other collections, durable. For instance, the cushions have a different size, to keep the waste of fabric to a minimum. Also, the inner cushions are made of recycled plastic bottles and have transformed into a comfortable fluffy filling.

About WOUD Design
WOUD Design was founded in 2014 by the designer duo Torben and Mia Koed from Denmark. Before creating the design brand WOUD Design, they had built a long career in the furniture industry. Sustainability is an important characteristic of WOUD Design. Therefore, all choices in terms of material and production are carefully considered.

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