TRENDS | Baking season is back!

Get the mixer and the rolling pin out of the attic storage, because the baking season starts in September! In the upcoming months, we will be able to enjoy TV programmes about baking and experiment with all kinds of cake recipes. In this blog, you can read about the latest (baking) trends, delicious recipes and stylish baking equipment that are a must in the kitchen. 

TRENDS | Lovely winter cocktails

According to a study published by Leopold Vienna, 82% of Dutch people prefer to drink a cocktail in the summer. This is reasonable, because the sun calls for a colourful drink. But are cocktails only meant for the summer? We don’t think so. In the summer, we drink colourful exotic cocktails, but in the winter, we can drink a lovely, delicious cocktail again, like one with a winter liqueur. And let’s not forget that cocktails are always fun at a party! As far as we’re concerned, cocktails can be enjoyed all year!

Destination PR | 10 x the most beautiful bathrooms

We start and end our day in the bathroom. We brush our teeth, shower and take a bath. The bathroom is a really indispensable place at home. But how do you make this place really something special? We would like to inspire you with these 10 beautiful bathrooms from Villeroy & Boch:

TRENDS | 10 things you didn’t know about tea

Recently, the luxury teapot brand Bredemeijer organised a blogger event for a few well-known food bloggers at Eat Your Heart Out in Amsterdam. An event that was all about tea & food pairing. During this afternoon, tea specialist and food stylist Mariëlle Erkens told all the ins and outs about tea. Because how do you actually prepare the perfect cup of tea? And how do you match tea with delicious appetizers? TALK ABOUT was there and we would like to share some useful tips about tea.

Destination PR | awesome places to go to in hamburg

Hamburg is fun, clean and trendy! In the eyes of many, this city is Berlin’s little sibling. But nothing could be further from the truth.  A few weeks ago we visited Hamburg and we fell in love. Lover of architecture, port cities, culture, shopping or good food? Hamburg is the place to be! We have summarized our favourite hotspots.

PR & communication | Printed media is alive!

Anyone who says that the role of printed media has disappeared, is wrong in our opinion.
You can hear these phrases every now and then. “The newspaper? That is like flogging a dead horse” or “nowadays nobody reads anymore, printed media has no future”. These are assumptions that are often being made casually and where such dismissing gesture is added. Because printed media is dead. “And otherwise in 10 years. Everybody knows that, right?”

TRENDS | The most beautiful porches

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that life outside the doors is over too. Even in September and October the weather can still be lovely for you to spend the day outside. For example, a porch or a roof deck is a great place to spend some quality time, nice with a hot drink, a good snack and a blanket to cover yourself. How more romantic could it even be? Or maybe you can enjoy the Sunday afternoon with a magazine and a cup of tea.

Destination PR | Relaxing in Bourgogne

Have you already booked your holiday for this summer? Or are making choices not really your thing (I recognize it!) and haven’t you figured it out yet? Maybe I can help you with that one. Last week, I spent a week on a beautiful mansion in the heart of Burgundy. When it comes to me, Burgundy is one of the most beautiful regions in the outstanding country: France. Definitely recommended!

Destination PR | 10 restaurants in Shoreditch, London

Are you planning on going to London soon? Be sure to visit Shoreditch, a neighborhood in the east of the city where many young people and artists gather. There’s a nice, inspiring atmosphere and there’s always something to see on every street corner. Trendy coffee shops, nice bars and trendy concept stores, you’ll find it all in Shoreditch. In this blog I share my favorite restaurants after my trip to London!

@the office | press event 2018

On Thursday March 22, we organized the TALK ABOUT EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam. A press event where we presented the latest products of different customers and brands. Experience was the key of the event. The sensibilities of our media relations, who are already used to some things of course, had to be stimulated very well!

TRENDS | On the go with these stylish items

January is all about good resolutions and one of those resolutions is to make healthy food and drinks at home and to take them with you more often (to work, on holiday, to the gym). In this blog, you will read about 5 must haves to carry your food and drinks with you in a stylish way and about beautiful notebooks where you can put your inspiration in.

PR & communication | how to organize a press event

One of the most important goals when it comes to PR, is to generate media attention for clients, to make sure that their brand will be discussed and thus will grow in brand awareness. One of the ways we do this is by maintaining our media relations as well as possible. And sometimes this means that you have to take an extra step: organise a special press event, for example. A great opportunity to create a unique experience around the brand.

On tour | ambiente 2018

The Ambiente in Germany is the place to be for lifestyle products. From all over the world, employees of home furnishing shops, warehouses and garden centres visit this trade fair. We especially get inspiration for our blog, our work and of course for our own interior. Curious of what we have spotted this time at the Ambiente? We have summarized the most important and eye-catching news of the trade fair in 4 trends.

Destination PR | Morocco

It’s January; the holidays are over and what’s the thing we do first? That’s right! Thinking about a holiday destination. It’s my favorite moment to spend my time on! Will it be a distant trip or a camping holiday this year, will I be active or will I just spend some lazy time at the beach? For those who really have no clue, there is the Holiday Fair from 13 to 17 January in Utrecht. Or maybe I can inspire you? Last year, I made a tour of Morocco with my beloved and my kids (6,9 and 12 years old). We slept in kasbahs and under the stars in the Sahara, we enjoyed fresh fish in beautiful fishing villages and wandered around on local fairs. Highly recommended!

On tour | vt wonen & design fair

Curious of what trends we have spotted this year at the vtwonen & design fair? You can read it here. It was such a pleasure to see the new collections of all brands again. We got inspired by several lectures and presentations of products in the stands and are fully informed.

Destination PR | Let’s cruise to Hamburg

Curious about what you can do at the world’s largest cruise festival? We have just returned from the Hamburg Cruise Days and would like to tell you about our experience and why this event is a real must if you are a cruise lover or if you just love the maritime world. And ehhhh the city is awesome anyway and definitely worth a visit, but we’ll tell you more about that in another blog.

Destination PR | 10 x to-do-with-kids in Hong Kong

This summer, we went to Indonesia with our family. We flew with Cathay Pacific and made a stop in Hong Kong. This seemed a very interesting city to me and our second kid also thought it would be nice to spend a few days in China. So eventually, we stayed in Hong Kong for five days. The city made a very special impression on us. Of course, it is a metropolis and therefore it is very crowded (at least in the centre part), but the crowds are organised. Hong Kong is truly a mix of Asia and Europe. Besides the huge skyscrapers, there are for example Asian temples and street markets. We have also discovered that there are many child-friendly sights and theme park rides. I’ve made a top ten of the most fun things we’ve done.