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Press event Villeroy & Boch


From minimalistic shower floors to the most beautiful single bathtubs. Villeroy & Boch understands that the bathroom is an important place in the house where you can relax during a me-time moment, in the bathtub or in the shower. The many different choices within the frequently renewed collections of Villeroy & Boch offer the possibility to design the bathroom to your own personal taste. Special designs – modern, unique and timelessly elegant.


  • A few nice blogs such as Styling ID, wonen (home living)
  • Attention in the trade press such as

Behind the scenes: Villeroy & Boch opens the door to media relations. Our client Villeroy & Boch celebrates its 270th anniversary this year. And there is another anniversary: for 25 years now, Villeroy & Boch has been making baths and shower floors from its own premium solid surface material: Quaryl®.

We invited about twenty good media relations (trade and consumer media) and organised a special programme, in which the focus was on the visit to the factory. Here, we put Dutch Design as a priority. A nice ‘hook’ for our guests. The event was a success: the guests indicated that they found the exclusive look behind the scenes newsworthy and original and even shared the information and experience on their offline and online channels, each on their own way.

Why did we choose for a press event?

  • By organizing a press event, we can put the brand Villeroy & Boch in the spotlights in a different way. The anniversary was a good occasion. Moreover, the press event allowed us to really let people ‘experience’ the brand. They can see, feel and smell everything that is happening at Villeroy & Boch. And how passionately they work on the most special collections and products, day in and day out. Some of the attendees had already been at the head office in Germany before, but the factory in the Netherlands was ‘unreachable’ for everyone, until now.
  • Villeroy & Boch is an A-brand in the bathroom world. Therefore, the brand is being written about on a regular basis. As an agency, we are happy with that. But of course it is important that we continue to strengthen the brand’s relationship with the press, so that Villeroy & Boch remains a certain gun factor. A look behind the scenes at the Villeroy & Boch factory is unique and therefore a ‘bonus’ for the media.
  • Finally, we also had a ‘newsworthy story’ to tell; the development and production of Quaryl® in the Netherlands. And that is very important, because you really need to have something to say. Our media relations are very busy and receive many invitations for similar events. So if we organise something, it must have a ‘not to be missed’ factor. Besides, we had to organize the event in the factory (which was the main subject after all) and that is in Roden; for most press in the Netherlands, it is not nearby. We had to make sure that everyone went home with a satisfied feeling; Villeroy & Boch really had to have something to say.

Who were there?

The goals for the press event were clear: Villeroy & Boch wanted to offer its media relations something unique, so that the relationship with the media would be enhanced and there would be more written about the brand. In addition, we wanted to highlight the story of the unique Dutch product Quaryl® once again. From these objectives, it quickly became clear that the target group for the event was very diverse: we invited trade journals such as Installatie & Sanitair and Gawalo, but also the consumer press (including Eigen Huis & Interieur) and besides journalists from the printed media, we could not miss the online influencers (Stek Magazine, Styling ID and Binti Home). However, the event had to have a unique character, so we wanted to limit the group of attendees. Besides, we were not able to receive more than 15 guests at the factory. So, with a nice invitation wrapped in an exciting gift box and using personal press lobby, we invited a certain group of media relations. Of course while making our selection, we looked closely at the type of medium and the matching target group: do themes such as ‘Dutch Design’, ‘technical insight into the kitchen’ and ‘development of special materials’ fit with these? We have also listened to the wishes and requirements of our guests. For example, the trade journal Cobouw indicated that it did want to be able to ask construction-related questions. And so we made sure that there was an insider in this area.

Programme, presentation and entourage

We came up with an interesting and original program, with the visit to the factory being the highlight of course. Besides the content of the program, the entourage and presentation are also important. Our guests had to feel welcome. At the same time, the presentation had to be in line with the brand, the type of event and those who organize the event. Together, we have decided that the entourage should be suitable, but not necessarily much decorated. Small scale, cosiness, hospitality were the key values of this day. And so the guests were personally received and shown around, delicious snacks and drinks were provided, obviously in cups of Villeroy & Boch assigned with the logo. We did not roll out a blue carpet; only 2 balloons were put up, to give the event a festive touch. After the factory visit, we took everyone to a nearby estate called Mensigne, to enjoy a good glass of bubbles and and extensive high tea, all in the style of Villeroy & Boch. Both the guests and ourselves (the PR agency), the marketing department and insiders from the factory joined the table.

After the event

After the event, all attendees received a goodiebag including a nice gift, but also a good press kit, which is just as important for us as for the attendees. The press kit consisted of a USB stick with (new) press releases and lots of photos. Especially the last one was very important. When organising this press event, we had to deal with an issue; the company rules of the factory in Roden. Phones or cameras are forbidden in the factory. And we know better than anyone what journalists want at a press event: exactly,, taking photos or making videos. So in advance, we arranged that recent good factory photos were available, which we were allowed to share with the press. This way we could satisfy (almost) everyone. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to share a moving image, which was disappointing for a few.



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