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Knit by Curver


Curver is een internationaal bedrijf met meer dan 65 jaar ervaring in gespecialiseerde productie en verkoop van duurzame consumptiegoederen huis en tuin. Design en innovatie zijn altijd de kernwaarden van Curver geweest. Curver is marktleider en voortdurend zichzelf aan het vernieuwen op het gebied van materialen, technologieën en producten. Curver is onderdeel van de Keter groep


  • Attention in the regional newspapers (national reach).
  • Attention especially in Libelle, ELLE Decoration, Vriendin,
  • Arts & Auto, Home & Garden.
  • Online a post on,
  • Product placement at the consumer fair Tuinidee.
  • Item Koffietijd.
  • And also attention in Belgian media such as Jet Magazine, Laatste Nieuws, Nest.

Knit is the new innovative collection of Curver, world leader on the market for plastic products. With this new collection, the company proves its innovative character, which also receives a lot of attention in its communication and PR expressions. The collection consists of various in- and outdoor products such as storage baskets, small furniture, shopping bags and pet products. With the new collection, Curver presents indoor and outdoor products (previously only indoor) for the first time. Until now, Curver was mainly known as a brand for plastic storage products and practical household products.


Introducing Curver’s new brand Knit to the general public in the Netherlands and Belgium.


The major introduction to the lifestyle media of the new products took place during the annual TALK ABOUT event. We gave a smart presentation in the building where the press event was being held and we developed a very useful press kit containing all information for the press and high resolution images. All visitors of the event also receive a nice goodie bag. The bag was – of course – a bag from the Knit collection. An excellent introduction for the press. In the press release, we emphasized the fact that this collection is ‘slightly different’ from what we usually get to see from Curver.

After the press event we visited some relevant editors in Belgium because the introduction also had to take place here. In addition, we spread the press release among the rest of the Dutch and Belgian media and started with press lobby. A few months later, we made press briefings with the theme interior and garden, in which products from the Knit collection were included. Finally, we prepared a follow-up press release about some of the new products from the collection and we also sent this to our lifestyle relations.



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