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TALK ABOUT PR & Communication helps you create the right voice for your organisation, brand or product. Together with our clients we build strong brands followed by a unique story. We help you tell this story through the right tools and methods, in the right way and tone of voice. That way, you will find out what is important to you.

We help you tell this story through the right tools and methods, in the right way and tone of voice. That way, you will find out what is important to you. Whether this concerns ‘rumour around the brand’ and therefore more brand awareness, better online and offline visibility, or attracting really good employees. We always start by looking at your own strength and distinctiveness: what can you make possible? We do this both at strategic and executive level, in the Netherlands and Belgium. With a great amount of experience and an all-round team full of creative people.

We are big enough to achieve meaningful results and small enough to guarantee a personal approach. Because at TALK ABOUT the communication lines are short: we have close contact with our clients, we know their motives and we are always there for them. Also after 17.00 pm! Clients appreciate our ‘Brabant hospitality’ and our mentality to always keep on going and never give up.

We prefer to look at what is possible and always act ‘hands on’. We have courage, we are enthusiastic, passionate and sincerely involved. We always think along with the client and actively look for opportunities. With TALK ABOUT, it’s not just ‘you ask, we serve’. We know how to surprise you time after time with our own initiatives and surprising ideas.


Team Talk


Natasja is curious, strategic, creative and has a critical eye. Curious about the customers, the people who work there and the products they make or services they provide. She investigates an issue and does not stop until she has the best solution. She surprises both customers and colleagues with her creativity. Natasja has more than 20 years of experience in the PR and Communication industry within various sectors; healthcare, education, governments and the lifestyle sector.


Karen is precise, energetic and a real regulator. She always goes for the perfect picture. She is very precise and careful.And if Karen says that she is going to arrange something, she will and not just like that. A day with Karen at the office provides enough energy for the rest of the week. She is an expert in media relations, knows what everyone is up to and does not forget a birthday. But Karen is especially good at coming up with original solutions for PR issues.


Let’s TALK ABOUT Perry. A year after her Master’s degree in Communication & Organization at Utrecht University, this enthusiastic native of Brabant has already gained a lot of experience. Because of her job at a communication agency that takes care of many interim assignments at various organizations and governments, she has broad expertise and project-based work has become second nature. Her interest in working for consumer brands and gaining more knowledge about PR brought her to TALK ABOUT.


After her internship at TALK ABOUT, where Maika conducted research into increasing free content in the media, she continued to provide various communication activities for us. With her Communication in the Pocket diploma and a year of experience in the business world, she has returned to work with a fresh perspective on various communication issues.Maika can always keep the peace and therefore keeps an overview.


We will not soon forget Carli’s first working day. Due to the Corona measures, we brought her a warm welcome package at her home office. Carli is trained from home, but this enthusiastic lady has no problem with that. Carli has a broad view of images, text and sound and creating creative content is what fascinates her. And we are very happy with that! She also knows everything about SEO and SEA. This whopper complements TALK ABOUT perfectly with her creative insights and online knowledge.


As of July 1, this enthusiastic lady will join our team.


Welcome Isa!

Let's talk!