Month: December 2018

TRENDS | Baking season is back!

Get the mixer and the rolling pin out of the attic storage, because the baking season starts in September! In the upcoming months, we will be able to enjoy TV programmes about baking and experiment with all kinds of cake recipes. In this blog, you can read about the latest (baking) trends, delicious recipes and stylish baking equipment that are a must in the kitchen. 

TRENDS | Lovely winter cocktails

According to a study published by Leopold Vienna, 82% of Dutch people prefer to drink a cocktail in the summer. This is reasonable, because the sun calls for a colourful drink. But are cocktails only meant for the summer? We don’t think so. In the summer, we drink colourful exotic cocktails, but in the winter, we can drink a lovely, delicious cocktail again, like one with a winter liqueur. And let’s not forget that cocktails are always fun at a party! As far as we’re concerned, cocktails can be enjoyed all year!