Month: October 2018

ZADI | Freshly a little bit mischievous, but very spicy

The fresh taste of tangerine, the fire of pepper and the sharp twist of ginger make you think of sunny Italy on a Dutch balcony this summer. ZADI drinks is going to release a new limited edition pre-mix, called Dodo, after the very successful Hugo l’originale. The combination of the different ingredients, which are now an essential part of the kitchen, provide a true blast of taste. That makes you pretty curious, right?

Hamburg Tourismus | Tune in for Hamburg!

Music lovers could not ignore the German port city of Hamburg. The new iconic Elbphilharmonie concert hall emphasizes Hamburg’s reputation as the city of music. The city has musical surprises for everyone and offers many opportunities for music-related city trips. From a wide range of music festivals, the Komponistenquartier, to a vivid ‘music scene’: tune in for Hamburg!

Amazona | Colour trend ‘New African’

The ‘New African’ interior trend is an answer to our need for simplicity, peace and nature. Indispensable within this trend are soft earth and nude shades. With the colours Mocca, Chocolat Chaud, Skin and Marrakesh from Amazona chalk paint, you can easily apply this trend in your own interior.

WOUD | we woud love to say hello!

WOUD Design, a fresh new design brand, conceived and run by a dynamic duo from Denmark conquered our country. You may have seen some designs at international fairs or in international magazines, but the furniture and home accessories of this Scandinavian brand are now also available in Belgium and the Netherlands. WOUD Design offers the world of home-living a new perspective on the Scandinavian lifestyle. Still functional but with a touch of innovation.

TRENDS | 10 things you didn’t know about tea

Recently, the luxury teapot brand Bredemeijer organised a blogger event for a few well-known food bloggers at Eat Your Heart Out in Amsterdam. An event that was all about tea & food pairing. During this afternoon, tea specialist and food stylist Mariëlle Erkens told all the ins and outs about tea. Because how do you actually prepare the perfect cup of tea? And how do you match tea with delicious appetizers? TALK ABOUT was there and we would like to share some useful tips about tea.

Destination PR | awesome places to go to in hamburg

Hamburg is fun, clean and trendy! In the eyes of many, this city is Berlin’s little sibling. But nothing could be further from the truth.  A few weeks ago we visited Hamburg and we fell in love. Lover of architecture, port cities, culture, shopping or good food? Hamburg is the place to be! We have summarized our favourite hotspots.