Month: June 2018

Destination PR | Relaxing in Bourgogne

Have you already booked your holiday for this summer? Or are making choices not really your thing (I recognize it!) and haven’t you figured it out yet? Maybe I can help you with that one. Last week, I spent a week on a beautiful mansion in the heart of Burgundy. When it comes to me, Burgundy is one of the most beautiful regions in the outstanding country: France. Definitely recommended!

Integrated Communication

We try to work as much from an integrated approach as possible, in which we combine different communication disciplines and media types. We believe that a communication issues cannot be approached in a single way. It takes various insights to find the most optimal solution. And we search for these insights within our own office, …

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Brand Strategy

What do you stand for as an organization? In what direction do you want to go with your company? And what stories can you tell to get your target group in motion? Your brand identity forms the base for all communication. The clearer this identity, the stronger your brand and the more effective your communication …

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TALK ABOUT offers PR support in the broadest sense of the word. From press releases and lobbying processes to setting up partnerships with online and/or offline media. The goal and the target group of the client together form the starting point: we ensure that your story reaches and motivates the target group in the right …

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