Month: March 2018

@the office | press event 2018

On Thursday March 22, we organized the TALK ABOUT EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam. A press event where we presented the latest products of different customers and brands. Experience was the key of the event. The sensibilities of our media relations, who are already used to some things of course, had to be stimulated very well!

Press lobby

Every day we experience the power of free publicity, also known as earned media attention. It is the publicity that your message deserves, because you have managed to create news value. We know exactly how to hit the right note and with whom. We have a large network with relevant and reliable relationships. Bloggers, popular …

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Content marketing

Telling stories, or better known as storytelling: it is one of those things we like to do the most. A good story gets your target group going and is therefore the communication tool by excellence. The audience is always leading: audience first, not product first! Whether it concerns magazines, blogs, websites, social media or newsletters: …

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