Month: January 2018


One of the most important goals in the PR-field is to stimulate media attention for our clients. After all, we want to make sure that they keep getting mentioned and grow in brand awareness. This means that maintaining our media relations is a must. And sometimes this means that we take an extra step, for …

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Destination PR | Morocco

It’s January; the holidays are over and what’s the thing we do first? That’s right! Thinking about a holiday destination. It’s my favorite moment to spend my time on! Will it be a distant trip or a camping holiday this year, will I be active or will I just spend some lazy time at the beach? For those who really have no clue, there is the Holiday Fair from 13 to 17 January in Utrecht. Or maybe I can inspire you? Last year, I made a tour of Morocco with my beloved and my kids (6,9 and 12 years old). We slept in kasbahs and under the stars in the Sahara, we enjoyed fresh fish in beautiful fishing villages and wandered around on local fairs. Highly recommended!